Dane County Humane Society seeking homes for nearly 50 rats

DANE COUNTY, Wis. - The Dane County Humane Society is looking for homes for rats … 46 of them. 

According to a Facebook post, the Humane Society has had several large surrender cases recently, and now those rats need new homes. 

The rats are “friendly, inquisitive, adorable” and ready for adoption. 

The Human Society said many are young rats and would do well as companions or adopted in pairs. 

The rats are available for adoption at the Main Shelter, along with the Adoption Center West on Grand Canyon Drive and at the Mounds Pet Food Warehouse on Stoughton Road. 

You can adopt one rat for $10 or two for $15 from the Dane County Humane Society.

The Human Society is asking for people to adopt and spread the word about the rodents ready to find new homes.


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