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Police: Armed Jeep driver stops in middle of road, pounds vehicle's hood in road rage incident

MADISON, Wis. -  A Madison man told police he feared he might be shot during a road rage incident Tuesday afternoon, according to a news release.

Madison police said a 52-year-old man was driving at 1:50 p.m. on Odana Road when he made a lane change near the intersection with South Whitney Way.

He told officers that he believes the driver of a tan Jeep thought he had been cut off during the maneuver. As both drivers headed east on Odana, the Jeep driver sped ahead of the victim, and stopped his Jeep in the middle of the roadway in such a way that the victim also had to hit the brakes.

According to the report, the man told police the Jeep driver got out, walked toward his vehicle and pounded on his car's hood and windshield while yelling vulgarities.

The victim then followed the man, telling officers that he was hoping for an opportunity to ask him why he was being hostile. When both drivers stopped for a red light on Regent Street, the victim got out and approached one of the Jeep windows.

He told police that the Jeep driver pointed a handgun at him, threatening to shoot. Police said the victim was afraid, put up his hands and backed off. He called police and officers are now attempting to identify the Jeep driver.

Police described the armed driver as white, in his 40s with black hair, a black beard and wearing a black skull cap and black jacket. 

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