Sheriff: Hoax call reporting shooting, hostage situation shut down highway

SWAT called to scene

BEAVER DAM, Wis. - Part of U.S. 151 was shut down in Beaver Dam because of a fake call reporting that there was a hostage situation and a man had been shot, according to a release from the Dodge County Sheriff's Office. 

Officials said they received a call around 3:30 p.m. and took immediate action to respond to the threat. U.S. 151 was closed between CTH G and CTH S because of the response. 

The Dodge County SWAT team was called and responded to the scene and ensured the safety of the occupants in the home. The SWAT team was able to make contact with the homeowner and clear the residence without incident and confirmed there was not a shooting or a hostage situation, according to the release. 

Officials with the Dodge County Sheriff's Office, the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Department of Criminal Investigation are investigating the incident, according to the release.


"These types of incidents are not only illegal, but they are dangerous and will not be tolerated," Dodge County Sheriff Dale J. Schmidt said in the release. "Not only do they put the motoring public in danger as our emergency responders are forced to respond in emergency mode to these incidents, but the resources that are pulled away from other areas of the county can limit the ability to respond to other emergencies."

Schmidt added that officials take this incident "very seriously." 

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