Police: 2 women arrested after driveway fight ends with battery, punctured tires

MADISON, Wis. - An argument between neighbors over driveway access escalated from horn honking to battery Tuesday morning, according to a release from the Madison Police Department. 

The fight started at the 1000 block of McKenna Boulevard around 7:40 a.m. when a woman was trying to get into her garage. She couldn't maneuver her car up the driveway because her neighbor's SUV was blocking the way, with the neighbor in the car, according to the release.

There was an exchange of horns followed by some heated words, officials said, then the two women got out of their vehicles. The driver of the SUV punched the other woman twice in the face, breaking her glasses. The injured woman then reached out and ripped a hair extension from her neighbor's head, officials said. 

As the incident went on, a third neighbor came out to break up the disturbance and was successful, officials said. 

Then the woman who was injured retaliated by going into her apartment and getting a kitchen knife, which she used to puncture two of the SUV's tires, according to the release. 

Charmaine R. Farrille, 27, of Madison, was arrested for battery. Bettye R. Emmanuel, 33, of Madison was arrested for disorderly conduct while armed and criminal damage to property, according to the release. 

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