Man spotted rummaging around vehicle faces trespass charge, police say

MADISON, Wis. - A man is facing a charge after a witness reported seeing him rummaging through a parked car early Monday, according to police. 

Madison police said a concerned Spooner Street resident called police after seeing a man rummaging around inside her neighbor's parked car at about 2:45 a.m. 

The witness reported seeing a second person near the vehicle acting as an apparent lookout, according to the report.

Officers with descriptions from the witness found the two men not far from Spooner Street. Police said 31-year-old Carlo D. Walkes was described as the man seen inside the vehicle. He had a pocket full of change. He was arrested on suspicion of unlawful trespass to a vehicle.

Police said there was not probable cause to arrest the 32-year-old man reportedly seen with Walkes.

The 37-year-old owner of the vehicle that was rifled through had left his car unlocked, police said. According to the report, he told officer he was missing a few things, including loose change.

According to police, Walkes and the alleged lookout are both homeless. 

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