Man accused of attacking 2 women near UW-Madison faces new assault charges

MADISON, Wis. - The man accused of the attempted abduction and assaults of two Madison women in October faces new charges in connection with an assault in September.

Coleman Chung, 30, was arrested in November in connection with the Oct. 2 assault and attempted abduction on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Chung wore a white surgical mask when he approached the student from behind, duct taped her mouth and wrists and attempted to get her into the trunk of his vehicle, according to court documents. He hit her on the head with a hatchet and held a knife to her throat, causing a laceration that required stitches.

Chung was arrested in connection with two alleged attempted abductions of female college students on the UW campus, one on Sept. 30 and the other on Oct. 2. In both instances, the alleged victims were able to escape, but the second victim suffered serious injuries, according to court documents. 

The new charges allege Chung recorded videos and took pictures of a woman he sexually assaulted on Sept. 28 in Gordon Commons.

Chung was charged Tuesday with four counts of second-degree sexual assault and one count of capturing an intimate representation without consent.

According to court documents, a detective found four videos and two pictures created on Chung’s iPod Touch. The files depicted images and videos of an unconscious female being sexually assaulted on a booth in Gordon Commons.

Police were able to identify the suspect and victim using surveillance video from inside and outside Gordon Commons and Sellery Residence Hall, according to court documents.

The victim told police she had blacked out while pregame drinking on Sept. 28 and didn’t remember anything until she woke up in her bed the next day.

Chung faces five counts in connection with the October attacks. He was charged with possession of child pornography and was originally sentenced to five years of probation. Chung will be back in court Thursday

UW-Madison Interim Vice Chancellor Lori Berquam, Housing Director Jeff Novak and Police Chief Kristen Roman released a statement Wednesday following the additional charges being filed.

"We know many people in our campus community were concerned by an attempted abduction that occurred on Observatory Drive on Oct. 2.  Additional charges related to another incident on campus have now been brought against the man arrested, Coleman Chung, who is currently being held in jail," the statement said.

As part of its investigation into the Oct.2 incident, UW-Madison police discovered evidence indicating that Chung had sexually assaulted a female student several days before in a public space inside Gordon Dining and Event Center.

"We are deeply troubled by this incident and are grateful to UWPD for ensuring that this suspect no longer poses a threat to our community. The university has responded by providing support and resources to the survivor. We have also made building staff aware of this incident. Staff are in the building at all times during operating hours and UWPD does regular rounds of this and other campus buildings. Gordon also has security cameras which provided footage that was key evidence in this additional incident," the statement said.

The full statement can be read online.

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