Madison victim of spoofing scam out $900, police say

MADISON, Wis. - A downtown resident was recently scammed out of hundreds of dollars in a spoofing scam, 

A 26-year-old man told the Madison Police Department that he received a call from what appeared to be the city's police nonemergency number: 608-255-2345. The caller identified himself as "Officer Kevin Grant."

The man was told that had been named as a suspect in some sort of criminal enterprise against a child, according to the report. The fraudster told the 26-year-old that the (faux) victim's mother agreed not to pursue charges if the 26-year-old paid $900.

Police said the scammer was able to disguise himself and make his phone number appear as the police department by using a technique called spoofing. In this case, the criminal made it appear that the call was legitimate by faking the caller ID number. In other cases, scammers use spoofing to make the phone number seem similar to the target's phone number to increase the likelihood that they'll answer the call. 

Police said the man was confused by the situation and wired the requested funds to an address in the Dominican Republic. 



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