Madison man accused of leading police on a crash-filled chase across 2 counties

TOWN OF SYLVAN, Wis. - A Madison man is facing multiple charges, accused of leading deputies on a crash-filled chase across two counties, according to a news release. 

The Richland County Sheriff's Office said that on Monday at about 6:10 p.m., Richland County authorities were notified by the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department of a reckless driver headed east on Highway 14 from the Readstown area.

According to the report, he was not stopping for Vernon County deputies and a call for help went out to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department to deploy tire deflation devices called stop sticks.

Police said the driver, 46-year-old Leonard P. Perfetti , had been involved in at least three crashes in Vernon County, involving civilian and law enforcement vehicles.

Authorities attempted several maneuvers to stop Perfetti as he appeared to intentionally ram into squad cars and continued east on Highway 14, the Richland County Sheriff's Office said. The sheriff's office said that as Perfetti entered Richland County, he crashed into four additional civilian vehicles traveling on the roadway, drove through ditch lines and continued to flee from deputies.

According to the report, deputies were able to make contact with Perfetti, and he was temporarily stopped, but as deputies exited their squads, Perfetti accelerated and pushed through the law enforcement vehicles, and continued headed east. Perfetti was reportedly yelling out the window at authorities and throwing items from his vehicle as he drove.

The chase reached at a maximum speed of 35 mph, authorities said.

Perfetti was stopped on Highway 14 in the town of Sylvan, after two squads pinned Perfetti's vehicle between them.Perfetti was taken into custody and transported to the Richland County Jail.  

The sheriff's office said Perfetti caused four hit-and-run crashes to civilian vehicles that were occupied and rammed into three squad cars in Richland County.

Officials said he faces several criminal charges that are being coordinated through the Richland and Vernon County district attorneys.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is assisting in the ongoing investigation.

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