Known retail thief arrested, stolen guitar worth $2,100 still missing, police say

MADISON, Wis. - A Madison man was arrested but the Les Paul guitar he stole on Monday from a west side music store is still missing, according to a release.

Bryan P. Gatling, 39, was looking at a $2,100 Les Paul guitar in a display area in the back of Heid Music at 7948 Tree Lane on Monday afternoon when he headed for the door with the guitar in hand, police said.

Gatling said he needed to check with his wife about buying the guitar, and by the time the employee told him not to leave the store with the guitar, Gatling was already getting into a car and driving away, according to the release.

Surveillance cameras helped a Madison police officer identify Gatling as someone he had previously arrested for a retail theft, police said. Gatling was arrested Wednesday on a tentative charge of felony retail theft.

The 2014 Gibson ES Les Paul guitar is still missing. Police are asking anyone with information on the guitar to call 608-266-6014.

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