Jakubowski, convicted of weapons theft, starts trial in state court in Rock County

Jakubowski, convicted of weapons...

JANESVILLE, Wis. - Joseph Jakubowski had a few outbursts in state court Monday. 

A state trial is underway for the Wisconsin man already convicted in federal court of stealing weapons from a Janesville gun shop after sending a rambling anti-government manifesto to the White House.

Jakubowski is on trial in Rock County for burglary while arming himself, theft and possession of burglary tools, charges that carry a maximum 24 and a half years in prison upon conviction.

In court, Jakubowski questioned video and DNA evidence that the prosecution presented. He was set to testify, but because he refused to go under oath, Judge James Daley would not let him speak. 

"I ain't going to do it, I'll give them the truth, but I'm not going to raise my right hand," Jakubowki said while being asked to swear in on the stand. 

After the outburst, Judge Daley sent the jury home for the night. Closing arguments will take place Tuesday morning. 

Jakubowski admitted in his federal trial last fall that he took 18 firearms from the Armageddon Supplies gun shop. He then drove to a rural road, set his SUV on fire and disappeared. He was captured 10 days later 130 miles away in western Wisconsin where he told the landowner he just wanted to live "off the grid."

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