A News 3 Investigates analysis of court cases and child maltreatment deaths in Wisconsin in 2020 reveals Dane County set the lowest bar for release in the state in two ways: for cases where a first degree reckless homicide charge was used, as well as cases where criminal charges were brought in children's deaths from abuse or neglect.

MADISON, Wis. — The headline in late 2020 came and went quietly: a young Dane County couple, a boyfriend charged with reckless homicide and a mother with child neglect in her baby’s death at just 7 weeks old.

In the months after the death in May, Arkeem Ashley, 26, and Esthefania Martinez, 22, had largely cooperated with the police investigation. Their criminal history: a single misdemeanor for Ashley, the boyfriend. It was months after the baby’s death that the charges came: the pandemic was ramping up, and the Madison Police Department referred charges to the Dane County district attorney without arresting them in December.

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