3 boys steal car that was warming up in driveway, crash it

MADISON, Wis. - Three boys took a car for a joyride when they happened upon it unlocked, running and warming up for the day. 

The teens drove into Madison, and a Madison police officer spotted the car driving recklessly and saw it nearly cause a crash on South Stoughton Road. 

The driver ignored the officer's lights and siren, and out of safety concerns the officer did not chase the car. 

The car eventually hit a traffic pole at South Stoughton Road and Milwaukee Street, and the teens abandoned the ride shortly after. Police chased them, and they were taken to the Juvenile Reception Center. 

Two of the boys were 14 and the third was 15. 

The Madison Police Department is in the midst of a social media blitz to try to get everyone to lock their car doors. 

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