'Inch away from death': Police investigate videos showing woman almost smashed by TV at fraternity

MADISON, Wis. - Madison police are investigating an incident on Langdon Street after two Instagram videos showed a TV thrown from the roof of a fraternity almost land on a woman. 

"This girl was an inch away from death," one of the Instagram videos, from badgerbarstool, showing the scene said. 

In both videos -- which show different angles -- a TV is thrown off the roof of the building and nearly hits a woman who was passing by. After the TV landed, many of the people in the video cheered, while others gasped. 

"WARNING: Stay alert for potentially dangerous objects being thrown off the roof," the other Instagram video from 5thyear said. 


University officials said they are "deeply concerned" after seeing the video of the incident. 

"Student organizations are responsible for operating in ways that maintain the health and safety of their members and guests; if they do not, they are held accountable through the student organization code of conduct," university spokesperson Meredith McGlone said.

McGlone said officials are working to confirm the details of the incident and, when they have done so, appropriate action will be taken. 

"Given the clear risk to individual safety in this case, the university response will reflect the seriousness of the act," she said.

Madison Police Department spokesperson Joel Despain told News 3 that the department is aware of the Instagram video and is investigating the incident. 

News 3 contacted both Instagram pages for comment Tuesday, but did not receive an immediate response. Both videos were posted on Instagram on Sunday. 


This girl was an inch away from death @5thyear

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