County hopes to cut salt use for environmental, fiscal reasons

MADISON, Wis. - The Dane County Board is looking to reduce the amount of winter salt that finds its way from roadways to area waterways and drinking water systems. 

The county has also established a voluntary winter maintenance certification program that is open to those who apply chloride de-icers within Dane County. 

Dane County supervisor Mary Kolar says some parking lots currently receive 10 times the effective level of salt use. She says reducing salt use will not only help the environment, but it will also help save money. 

"It doesn't make any difference to use an excessive amount of salt, ice is ice, and the salt will melt the ice," Kolar said. "When you use too much, you're increasing the contaminants that are caused by using the salt and that's costing you money."

A resolution endorsing a voluntary salt reduction program goes before the board at its regular meeting Thursday night. 

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