Community members launch capital campaign to rebuild Ridgewood Pool

They need to raise $4.2 million

MADISON, Wis. - Ridgewood Pool on Madison's southwest side has endured the normal wear and tear over the last 60 years, and neighbors say it's time for a makeover.

"Originally, the pool was built to last 50 years. We've lasted 60 and we're still kicking, but we recognize that it's maybe not gonna keep going forever," said Becky Jenn, the pool's membership coordinator.

At the end of 2017, community members launched a capital campaign through the Ed Nebbins Foundation. The non-profit was named for the lead character in a popular tale shared annually with young swim team members at Ridgewood Pool, according to the foundation's website.

They want to raise $4.2 million, which would go toward replacing the four pool areas, modifying the current office building, and adding an additional facility and parking lot.



"The other unique thing about Ridgewood is that we're the only high-dive in town," Jenn said.
"That's part of the plan is to build another high-dive."

She lives across the street and has been a member for 15 years. Her son Scott, 13, has been a member of Ridgewood's swim team since he was 6.

"Every morning except for Sunday, I usually either have a swim meet or swim practice here," Scott Jenn said.

Rebbecca Haushalter, an Ed Nebbins volunteer, lives down the street from the pool. She has four children between the ages of 4 and 8.

"I remember thinking when we bought our house, 'Oh, that's great there's a pool down the street, so eight years and four kids later, we're really glad there's a pool down the street," she said.

Community members are also hoping to raise money to create neighborhood access initiatives.

"We're hoping to expand the reach of the pool to especially kids who might not otherwise have an opportunity to swim, and we recognize where we are in the city and the impact that we can hopefully have in the future as well," Haushalter said.

The foundation's original goal was to start construction on the pool in fall 2018 with the new pool opening in May 2019, but Jenn said they may need to reevaulate the timeline.

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