Colleague testifies against Madison cop accused of OWI with child in car

MADISON, Wis. - A Madison police officer is back in court after being charged with driving drunk with a child in the car. 

A criminal complaint said someone called 911 after seeing Kelly Hoeft's car plow through some road signs last summer. 

Her blood alcohol content was at .27 and she had a child in the backseat, according to court documents. 

In court Friday, one of the arresting officers -- and a colleague of Hoeft's -- testified about what happened. 

"Based on the totality of the circumstances -- from the witness information regarding vehicle's driving behavior, the defendant's blank stare bloodshot shot eyes, admission that she had been drinking too much, odor of intoxicants, behavior and walking away when I told her not to,  refusal  to perform a field sobriety test -- based on the totality of those, that is why I placed her under arrest," Madison police officer Samuel Brier said. 

Hoeft was in court for a motion hearing Friday where a judge denied requests to suppress evidence. She will be back in court next month. 

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