Call For Action: Columbus man gets cookies on top of TV bill cut

COLUMBUS, Wis. - A Columbus man has more cash in his pocket this month thanks to a Call for Action success.
Roger Kranz is a retired farmer and active refurbisher who rarely spends time watching TV, only turning on the tube to catch the local news. He recently purchased a package through Dish Network Corp. with the intention of paying $50 a month - which he did until last month, when his credit card was charged $94.57 instead. 

"I spent an hour and a half to two hours on the phone with those people... and got nowhere," he said. "I mean, it was like talking to a stone wall. They didn't want to understand. I don't think they were that dense, they just didn't want to understand." 

Kranz ultimately called for action. After CFA volunteers talked with Dish on his behalf, he finally got a call from a representative who said the problem would be fixed. But the customer success story doesn't end there. 

"UPS dropped a package off, and here laid a little box... and here it was Mrs. Fields cookies," he said. "I opened it up and I couldn't believe it."

The package also included the personal phone number of the representative, with a note asking for a call if Kranz had any further questions. 

"It's wonderful. It's just a weight off your shoulders," Kranz said. 

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