Brodhead police look for information on portable meth lab found near home

BRODHEAD, Wis. - Brodhead police are looking for information about a portable methamphetamine lab that was found Thursday night near a home, according to a Facebook post.

A homeowner from the 500 block of 14th Street brought several items they found in shopping bags near a shed to the Brodhead Police Department around 7:30 p.m., officials said.

Police determined the items were materials used to make meth through a process referred to as the one-pot method, according to the post.

The one-pot method uses plastic bottles filled with chemicals to make meth, police said.

 “One-pot meth labs are extremely dangerous because the chemicals could explode, cause chemical burns and create environmental hazard,” Brodhead police Chief Chris Hughes said in the post.

Brodhead police are asking anyone with information on the items to call 608-897-2112.

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