Bathroom stalls outfitted with positive messages at Marshall Elementary

Bathroom stalls outfitted with positive messages at Marshall Elementary
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Bathroom stalls outfitted with positive messages at Marshall Elementary

MARSHALL, Wis. - Every summer, Dana Olert puts some time in on Pinterest and Instagram.  It’s not to track the healthiest after-school snacks or kids’ fashion trends.  Rather, she’s looking for ways to put the Marshall PTA’s fundraising dollars to good use.


In her search this year, Olert came across multiple schools that were outfitting bathroom stall doors with positive messages.



“I didn't want to use paint, but I thought the idea was really cute and motivational, so it just grew from there,” Olert said.


Olert is the vice president of the organization and has a son who’s going into fourth grade this year at Marshall Elementary School.  She knows the hard work teachers and staff put into decorating classrooms and hallways, filling them with uplifting sayings and positive reinforcement.  However, those bright colors and well-meaning words don’t usually make it to the restrooms, a place the students will inevitably be throughout the school day.


“When you walk into a bathroom, it's very institutional, so what better place for our money to go to support than liven up some bathroom doors?” Olert said.



Now, messages like “Be Kind” and “Do the right thing… even when no one is looking” are plastered onto the doors of stalls at the elementary school and early learning center.  Olert says the PTA spent about $1,500 for 60 decals to install in every bathroom in those buildings.  The hope is to buy more stickers for the middle and high school bathrooms sometime this year.


“Everybody could use a reminder to be awesome and be kind,” Olert said.  “It matters.”







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