ATF agent accused of taking pictures of UW-Madison students in women's bathroom

ATF agent arrested for taking...

MADISON, Wis - A federal agent from Monona was caught taking pictures of female University of Wisconsin-Madison students from under a bathroom stall at the Witte Residence Hall, police said. 

When police confronted 29-year-old Justin Fahy on Friday, he identified himself as a Madison agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

"He admitted to us that he mistakenly went into the wrong restroom and it was purely a misunderstanding," said Marc Lovicott, director of communications for the UW Police Department.

After days of investigation, looking at surveillance footage and talking to witnesses, UW police believe he was in the bathroom with the intent of taking pictures of young women. 

"We found that he was in that restroom for at least 14 minutes. We were able to look at his cellphone and determine that he recently wiped his phone to a previous backup, so in our minds that was an indication that he was trying to hide evidence from us," Lovicott said. 

Fahy is being held in the Dane County Jail on tentative charges of disorderly conduct and attempting to take photos depicting nudity, which is a felony. 

The incident happened on the first floor of Witte Hall, an area open to the public. Residents must use their Wiscard or room key to gain access to residential floors. 

"While in our residence halls that first floor is a common area and generally open to the public, they're for our students, they're not necessarily for the general public to use," said Lovicott. 

"They take a lot of precautions to make sure this doesn't happen but it's kind of interesting that it still does," said Carrie Raymond, a Witte Hall resident. 
"I think especially now, just a lot of things like that have been occurring and coming out so it's a lot more common now."

The UW-Madison campus has seen multiple incidents like this one during the current school year. Lovicott called it an anomaly year.

But students said although this incident is disgusting, it didn't make them feel less safe.

"It doesn't worry you for a long period of time because you know how quickly they respond to situations like that," said Liliany Correa, another Witte Hall resident. 


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