Alumni celebrate 100 years for Primary Center in Mount Horeb

Alumni celebrate 100 years for Primary Center in Mt. Horeb

MT. HOREB, Wis. - The alumni of Mount Horeb’s Primary Center got together for the building’s 100th birthday on Sunday.

The event was put on by the Mount Horeb historical society. The group put together old photos from throughout the years and set out yearbooks for people to flip through.

Anyone who went to the school was welcome to go, but many of the older classes wouldn’t recognize the inside. Even though the building is 100 years old, the inside was remodeled in 2011.



Jane Burns, who helped organize the event, said she was happy the building still stayed intact.

“I didn't want them to tear it down,” she said. “If they would have kept the building and turned it into something else like a rec center or something, that would have been fine. The loss of this building would have been terrible.”

The organizers said they would be happy if 50 people had shown up for this anniversary, but about 250 showed up instead.

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