'Water chaos': People in Middleton stranded at businesses and hotels overnight due to flooding

Roads still closed in Middleton

'Water chaos': People in Middleton stranded at businesses and hotels overnight due to flooding

MIDDLETON, Wis. - Several roads are still closed in Middleton due to floodwaters after record-breaking rain Monday night.

"The area of Middleton that was hit hardest was the area west of University Avenue, Parmenter Street, those areas still have a lot of standing water," said Charles Foulke, the chief of police for Middleton. "A lot of things were happening at the same time -- it reminded me of a tabletop exercise where they just keep throwing more things at you."



Dozens of people tried to drive through several feet of standing water Monday night, leading to cars stalling all over the city. Several hotels took in guests, like Hannah Edington, who were stranded. 

Edington, who lives in Sun Prairie, was on her way to work Monday night in Middleton when her car got stuck on Greenway Boulevard just a few feet away from the Fairfield Inn.

"First, I went to the Fairfield, and I stayed there overnight, and tow trucks were here all morning so they're pulling cars out left and right," Edington said.

She ended up staying in the hotel's ice bucket room with a blanket hotel staff provided her.

Lifelong friends Linda Kassera and Debi Schnell were visiting Middleton from the Appleton area for a golf weekend but were instead stranded in their hotel without any power.

Schnell described the scene as, "Water chaos, water everywhere, more than we ever thought." 

"We saw pouring rain for hours, but when we got out here this morning, it was like, 'Oh my gosh, we have no electricity, we cannot leave,'" she said.



They said that they were just happy to be safe and dry.

"We're very fortunate and very grateful for that, but I feel for those individuals who are (affected)," Kassera said.

Fifty or so customers and employees stayed at the Costco store overnight in Middleton, and crews were there cleaning up damage on Tuesday. Spectrum Brands also took in 20 to 30 people.

A number of other business owners near Greenway Boulevard told News 3 they would be closed for several days because of water seeping into their businesses.

Officials with the city of Middleton reopened Deming Way from Airport Road to Murphy Drive. However, several other roads were still closed Tuesday evening, including University Avenue (Highway 14) between the Beltline and Pleasant View Road.

Greenway Boulevard and Voss Parkway were also still closed Tuesday.

City officials are also providing updates on their website.

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