'They're doing a beautiful job': Navy helps paint 92-year-old woman's home

MADISON, Wis. - On a hot and sunny day, you can find Margaret Buchanan inside her home in Madison, but Thursday afternoon was a little different.

"They're painting and they're doing a beautiful job," says Buchanan. 

Fifteen active Navy volunteers teamed up to paint Buchanan's home as a part of Habitat for Humanity's home repair program. 

"It also helps the community," says Habitat for Humanity (Dane County) CEO Valerie Renk. "We have found that when one home is repaired and looks nicer, it encourages other homes in the community to keep their homes in better condition, too, so that's good for the whole community."

Buchanan says her home needed it. 

"It was a mess," she added. 

A mess the Navy volunteers were happy to help fix.

"To be able to give back to someone that served in the past, you can't really describe how it makes you feel," says Navy volunteer Dustin Glenn. 

Buchanan greeted all of the men and women who were helping and says she was extremely pleased and thankful for the work they did Thursday afternoon. 

"We just have one great crew here. I'd recommend them to anybody," she said. 

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