'Thank you, Mom. I love you': Christian Yelich grateful mom bribed him $5 not to quit Little League

MILWAUKEE - Christian Yelich says he owes his baseball career to his mom

In an article title "This Is for All the Baseball Moms," Yelich told as story about a time he almost threw in the towel and quit baseball altogether. He was serious, but his mom did everything she could to stop him.

"I’m not kidding when I tell you that if I had been allowed to quit the game of baseball on that day, I absolutely would have just quit," Yelich wrote. 

This moment of defeat happened when Yelich was 7 years old. He was playing in his local Little League, and he had a problem. Whenever he went up to bat, he kept getting hit by the ball. Because of this, he didn't want to play any more. 

One day before a game, Yelich told his mom he was done and he wasn't going to play that day. The National League MVP says he vividly remembers this moment very vivdily because he was serious, he wanted to quit. 

"My mom literally stepped up and helped make sure that I didn’t make a decision that I would have regretted," Yelich wrote. "She knew how much I loved baseball, and she wasn’t going to allow me to give up on it. She wasn’t going to allow me to quit this game, even when I thought that I really, really wanted to."

That's when his mom came up with the bribe: She'd give him $5 if he got a hit at the game.

"It was just a really good bribe on her part, too, because it was a two-part thing. It wasn’t just about me going to the game," Yelich wrote. "My mom’s offer also ensured that I would try hard once I got there." 

On his first at-bat, he swung "like there was no tomorrow." The ball maybe went five feet, according to Yelich, but it was a base hit. 

Yelich wrote that his mom, and other baseball moms often go unrecognized for all the work they put in to help their sons and daughters be successful in the sport. He said in particular he owes his career to this moment, and the hundreds of other moments of behind the scenes work from his mom. 

"Everything I’ve done up to this point as a player, everything I’m doing now, and everything I do in the future … all of that would’ve been wiped away if my mom wouldn’t have cared as much as she did back then," Yelich wrote. "There would’ve been no draft-day celebration for me, no magical run to the NLCS, no MVP. None of that exists without her."

The article was published on the Thursday before Mother's Day. He closed the piece by saying, "Thank you, Mom. I love you." 

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