'It keeps getting worse': Man says Highway 51 near railroad tracks ruins cars' suspension

'It keeps getting worse': Man says Highway 51 near railroad tracks ruins cars' suspension

MADISON, Wis. - If you've driven past the area along Highway 51 between Commercial Avenue and Highway 30, it's likely you've noticed a rough area along the railroad tracks. The speed limit is posted as 45 mph but Paul Hynek says there's no way to safely go that speed at that spot. 

"It's getting to the point where now it is so rough where you can't do 45 miles per hour, which is the posted speed limit without doing horrendous damage to trucks," Hynek said. 

Hynek said he's been frustrated for quite some time.

"It's been this way now for about two years and it keeps getting worse," he said. "I think if you stay out here and you watch loaded vehicles come across and how they break and slow down for it, it's self-explanatory. You're peeling your head out of the top of a truck. You cannot maintain control if you're hitting this at 45 miles an hour."

Bad roads are nothing new. The damage forms through wear and tear, but Paul says this area should be at a high priority to fix. 

"Right now, this is the top one," he said. "This is the one where we end up putting $6,000 towards a suspension on a truck. Can we say this was the spot that did it? Well, no, but this certainly isn't helping it any."

Both the Wisconsin DOT and the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad departments said they are aware of the issue and are planning a project to come and fix the area sometime in October. They added that a tentative date hasn't been set, but said they will send out a notice and repairs will likely be on a weekend when traffic concerns are reduced to a minimum. They also plan on closing Stoughton Road during that time.

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