'He's just our own little superhero': 10-year-old boy's organs to be donated after car crash

LAKE MILLS, Wis. - A 10-year-old boy from Lake Mills is on life support Friday night after being critically injured in a crash that happened Saturday afternoon north of DeForest.

"We've been spending all of our time and cherishing those last moments," said his mom, Krystle Armentrout. "A lot of people don't get that, so I'm grateful for that."



Jordan was med-flighted to American Family Children's Hospital in Madison after Saturday's crash. His mom and sister were also injured in the crash.

Doctors at the hospital did everything they could to save his life, but the injury to his brain was too severe and caused irreversible damage.

His parents asked doctors if they would be able to donate their son Jordan's organs. He is on life support while doctors wait for places for the organs to go.

"Once we were talking to the doctors and got the information from them about Jordan and where he stood, it was an immediate 'yes,'" Armentrout said. "How can he live on through others and keep his memory going? And that's the best way that we could do it."

His mom said Jordan was a big fan of superheroes, and she just took him to see the Avengers Infinity War movie.

"He can tell you every single infinity stone and the color and what it does," Armentrout said. "That was his life. So now that he gets to live on like that, I'll never forget that."

His parents said Jordan's own superhero power of saving lives is the memory that will get them through this awful time.

"He's just our own little superhero now that he's gonna fly around and save a bunch of lives through organ donation," Armentrout said.



His parents were quick to praise the hospital staff and community members for getting them through the week.

"I never thought that Jordan made such an impact on everyone's lives," Armentrout said. "To see him in their eyes has only made everything so much easier on the both of us."

A GoFundMe page for the family had raised more than $19,000 in just four days.

Students at Lake Mills Elementary School were asked to wear red and black, Jordan's favorite colors, to school Friday.



Lake Mills Market is also holding a "round-up" until June 3rd to support the Grossman family.

"Any customer that wants to round their order up to the next dollar amount will go towards the Grossman family," said owner Mitch Eveland. "Whatever that equals, we're going to match here at the store level."

Eveland is expecting to raise thousands of dollars for the family. On the first day alone, customers raised $400, and with the store matching it, the total would be $800.



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