What it means to have the most accurate weather forecast in Madison

News 3 Now First Warn Weather Certified Most Accurate

MADISON, Wis. — News 3 Now’s First Warn Weather Team has been certified as Madison’s most accurate.

That’s according to WeatheRate, an independent, non-partisan weather verification company that reviews forecasts in television markets throughout the U.S.

“It takes a strong team to get the ever-changing Madison forecast right, and that’s what First Warn Weather does more than every other station in town,” WeatheRate President Bruce Fixman said. “Gary Cannalte and the First Warn Weather Team have earned our seal of approval for delivering the Most Accurate forecast in South Central Wisconsin.”

WeatheRate compared data from each TV station in Madison over the past year by monitoring conditions in the area and gathering information from weather verification sites found in or near the city. Their findings ranked News 3 Now’s First Warn Weather as the best in town.

“I’m thrilled, not only for our First Warn Weather Team, but for the residents of the Greater Madison Area, that they have a weather source on which they can truly rely, day after day,” Morgan Murphy Media Vice President and General Manager Lyle Banks said.

Chief Meteorologist Gary Cannalte credited the entire First Warn Weather Team with the achievement.

“We’re honored by WeatheRate’s certification of what we already felt was true: that our First Warn weather forecast is the most accurate in Madison,” said Cannalte. “Every day, our staff of meteorologists, including Haddie McLean, Chris Reece, Dana Fulton and Austin Kopnitsky, collaborate to come up with the very best forecast for our viewers. It truly is a team effort.”

The First Warn Weather Team’s forecasts can be found on all News 3 Now newscasts, Channel3000.com, Channel3000+, Facebook, Twitter, several radio stations including WGLR, WPVL, WCLO-AM, WJVL-FM, WMGN-FM and on the News 3 Now and First Warn Weather Apps.

WISC-TV and Channel3000 have been honored with multiple awards over the years, including recognition for its weather forecasts, breaking news coverage and feature reporting.