News 3 Now welcomes our #BeYou ambassadors

News 3 Now welcomes our #BeYou ambassadors

News 3 Now and SSM Health kicked off their #BeYou ambassador program Tuesday. Dozens of teachers, coaches, youth group leaders, pediatricians, and more were provided resources to share with kids and teens in their communities to encourage them to be confident in being themselves.

Prairie View Middle School Principal Michelle Jensen is one of those ambassadors. Her staff has been emphasizing the importance of being yourself to their students all year with a number of assemblies, acts of kindness, and general encouragement.

“We can’t stop sending that message because our kids need to hear that it’s OK to be who they want to be,” Jensen said. “They need to hear that every day, multiple times a day for it to really sink in.”

Jensen says the sixth and seventh graders at her school have really bought into the idea of supporting one another, something they call “the PV way.”

“If we can’t reach out to our students and figure out who they want to be as people and get to know them as real people, then it’s hard for the learning to happen,” Jensen said. “So they’re hand-in-hand, and we spend a lot of time on both.”

If you want to learn more about the #BeYou effort, check out the Time For Kids page.

News 3 Now welcomes our #BeYou ambassadors

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