News 3 Now and SSM Health launch ‘Time for Kids: Recipe for Health’ campaign to help families learn healthy habits

When it comes to creating lifelong health, it’s important for families to start early. But finding the best balance between work, school, and home life is tricky. Add in the stressors and time crunch of the average American household – and a pandemic, too – and finding a healthy balance may seem overwhelming.

That’s why SSM Health and News 3 Now are teaming up for “Time for Kids: Recipe for Health.” This year-long campaign will focus on the “ingredients” your family needs for happiness and well-being. SSM Health pediatrician Dr. Dan Beardmore said that getting back to basics is important when you’re working towards healthier family habits. He suggests starting with the basics: healthy nutrition, healthy hydration and getting quality sleep. Not only can they prevent many illnesses that affect children and adults alike, those basic healthy habits can benefit our emotional and mental wellness.

“Our families can be happier and handle day-to-day stresses – or pandemics – a lot better,” says Dr. Beardmore.

Together, we’ll focus on the healthy habits and topics that matter to families as we all adjust to the ‘new normal’ of pandemic life and the quickly changing world around us.

SSM Health experts will offer realistic advice on topics ranging from nutrition to sleep, mental wellness and more. And we will explore how the changing needs of social distancing and virtual learning may be impacting your family’s overall health.

While we know the main ingredients needed for overall health, we also know that every family is unique. So, we want to hear from you! We’re interested in knowing what health and wellness topics are most important in your family’s life. If you have story ideas or would be willing to participate in small focus groups related to our Time for Kids campaign, please email us at