Newly renovated Milton Public Library reopens

Newly renovated Milton Public Library reopens

Milton Public Library opened its newly renovated building Sunday.

Discussion about expanding the library started in 2013, and the finished product is twice the size of the original space. Designing the building was a community effort in which residents met with a team of architects to draft plans.

The fundraising for the project was a group effort as well. The city of Milton, alumni from the former Milton College and local farmers and businesses all donated money.

The fundraising efforts were spearheaded by a group of women who each contributed $1,000 to the library. They called their work the 100 Women Initiative.

“I think [the library] is a showpiece for our community,” library director Lisa Brooks said. “I’m so thankful for the city of Milton and their support and for all of the community [members] who have really given both time and their money to make this possible.”

Brooks said one of the most exciting new spaces is the Spark area that features a 3D printer and wood carver. In the future, Milton high schoolers will use the space to teach classes about computer programming and the science behind farming.

The newly expanded children’s space also features opportunities to learn about agriculture and play with iPads.