New Vision Theaters Fitchburg IMAX to close

FITCHBURG,Wis. — A former general manager at New Vision Theater IMAX confirmed to News 3 Now that the theater located at 6091 McKee Road will be closing permanently.

Adam Hasz said the company has “been trying for months to renegotiate leases and this and that but they could just never agree to anything. So, they just decided as a company, it was best at this time to shut down.”

Hasz said the company will shut down all 18 of its theaters nationwide.

Hasz said attendance was never an issue, but the impacts of the pandemic put an added financial strain on the cost of running a theater.

“It was always kind of in the back of my mind. I knew it was a definite possibility. Our attendance has always been great. We’ve never had issues with that. It was only a matter of how long this would last and what kind of precautions would need to be taken once doors do reopen.”

Hasz said New Vision took over the theater about three years ago. The theater was remodeled about five years ago and didn’t have a lot of equity to stay open at this time.

“The movie theater industry has had its ups and downs based on the movies that come out and the content we are able to show.” Hasz said. “I think the infrastructure is set up to be a great theater. It’s still a very nice theater. It’s just a matter of someone taking that leap and opening. I fully expect one day it will reopen as a theater.”

Hasz said the company was hopeful that we would be further along in the reopening phase by now, but with the uncertainty and setbacks of a spike in COVID cases, the company decided it was time to close its doors.

“I’ve made a ton of great memories from this place and I know a lot of people in the Fitchburg area can say the same,” Hasz said. “I actually met my wife here. She was the one who trained me on my first day here so I know for both her and I, we hold sentimental value with this place.”