New tire of ‘hot-rod’ station wagon stolen, replaced with flat

52-year-old concerned about public safety since lug nuts not properly tightened
New tire of ‘hot-rod’ station wagon stolen, replaced with flat

The tire of a “hot rod of a car” was stolen and replaced with a bald, flat tire while it was parked at the Dutch Mill Park and Ride, Madison police said.

A 52-year-old west side man had parked his 14-year-old Ford Taurus station wagon at the Dutch Mill Park and Ride at 46 Collins Court on Sunday to take a bus to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, according to a release. The man returned to his car Tuesday and noticed it was tilting a bit toward the passenger side.

After further investigation the man figured out the tire that was flat was not his 5-week-old tire, but was a bald tire with patches of fabric ply protruding from the rubber, police said.

According to the release, someone had stolen his tire and rim.

The man said he was most concerned about the safety of others, because when the tire was replaced the lug nuts were not tightened.

“This hot rod of a car of mine seems to attract petty thuggery, obviously due to envy,” the victim wrote in his report. “I’m sure the perpetrators imagine a balding, middle-age potbellied family man proudly cruising the city, his comb-over flowing out the half open window. I can understand their jealousy, but can’t condone it.”