New survey reveals Bernie Sanders leads in Wisconsin, battleground states

Bernie Sanders

MADISON, Wis. — A new survey shows Sen. Bernie Sanders holds a significant lead in Michigan and Wisconsin ahead of the states’ primaries.

According to UW-Madison Election Research Center, three major battleground states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, appear to be up for grabs in November. Democratic candidates either slightly lead or are tied with President Trump in head-to-head comparisons, although the differences are generally within the statistical margin of error.

The findings come from the first UW-Madison Election Research Center Battleground Survey of 2020. The Wisconsin poll was conducted in collaboration with the Wisconsin State Journal.

“Sanders is well positioned to pick up the lion’s share of delegates in these states unless another Democrat breaks out of the pack to challenge him,” said ERC Director and Professor Barry Burden. “In the general election, Trump is in a more difficult position in Michigan than the other two states, but each of the battleground states could be won by either party, almost regardless of who becomes the Democratic nominee.”

In Wisconsin, Sanders leads the Democratic field with 30% of the vote, followed by Biden (13%), Bloomberg (13%), Buttigieg (12%), Warren (12%), and Klobuchar (9%).

Wisconsin’s presidential primary takes place on April 7.

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