New sneaker release at West Towne mall causes scuffle, police say

Dozens of West Towne mallgoers interested in a new shoe caused a scuffle as the waited outside a sports store before open Saturday, police said.

Madison police said an estimated 60 people were outside Finish Line footwear in the mall at 9:50 a.m. waiting for the shop to open for the release of a new line of Air Jordan sneakers.

Police responded to a report of a disturbance from mall security personnel, who told police the group gathered outside the shoe storefront were pushing and shoving, causing safety concerns, according to a news release.

Police said the Finish Line had 10 pairs of the new shoe, “which did not sit well with the crowd,” according to the report.

A police spokesman said officers stayed at the store as customers were let in one at a time until the 10 in-demand sneakers were sold out. Officers left after the crowd thinned out and order seemed to be restored at the shopping center.

No one was injured and there were no arrests, police said.