New restaurant opens on State Street Friday

Taiwan Little Eats offers tea, street food
New restaurant opens on State Street Friday

After months of having an empty space on the 300 block of State Street, the space is opening up as a spot for Taiwanese street food and a huge selection of teas.

While there was a free tasting party Wednesday, Taiwan Little Eats opens Friday for the rest of the public in the former Mad City Frites location.

The menu is divided up by three sizes: nibbles, little eats and big bites. Each size has a variety of offerings, but everything keeps with the Taiwanese theme. Some items include Taiwanese hamburgers, tempura fish cakes, Taiwanese-style curried chicken and spring onion pancakes.

According to its website, the two owners wanted to bring their memories of southern Taiwanese street food to life in Wisconsin.

Along with the focus on Taiwanese cuisine, Taiwan Little Eats features locally sourced produce and authentic teas, imported directly from the island.

You can find these little eats and sips at 320 State Street for lunch and dinner starting Friday.