New Pots N Tots Cart Serving Tasty Tater Tots

New Pots N Tots Cart Serving Tasty Tater Tots
The cart was hand made by owner Rob Kratochwill's father, a Madison College art professor. Rob's responsible for the paint job.

Forget toast. Tater tots are poised to be the next big thing in the simple-food-as-craft realm.

Well, at least here in Madison.

The evidence? Pots N Tots, the new tater tot food cart that’s serving eight (and counting) versions of the crisped potato nuggets, from cinnamon to onion dill to Volcanic Explosion (read: spicey!). Loaded with flavor and cooked fresh each day, the tots are delicious and make for great cart food.

The artistically painted cart (we’re talking tater-inspired Van Gogh and American Gothic renderings, plus a scary-good pop-art version of tots aficionado Napoleon Dynamite) parks on West Johnson Street between Mills and Brooks streets in front of the Educational Sciences building on the UW campus. “Pots” in the cart name comes from the fillings of the three sandwiches also on the menu—pot roast, pulled pork and shredded chicken—that are slow-cooked in a crock pot over night. 

So far the response has been positive, save one noise complaint over a too-loud generator that has since been remedied, says cook Rob Kratochwill, who owns the cart with wife Kay. Rob was a chef at many restaurants around Madison before deciding to strike out on his own. “It’s not easy,” says Rob. “But it’s worth the work.”

For updates and a closer look at the menu, check out Pots N Tots’ Facebook page or visit