New overnight finals-week shuttle at UW-Madison designed for student safety

University running pilot program
New overnight finals-week shuttle at UW-Madison designed for student safety

University of Wisconsin-Madison students spending a late night studying for final exams at the College Library in White Hall now have a new option to get home: an overnight finals shuttle that stops at the library, plus six residence halls on campus.

The new shuttle, which runs at no charge to students, is a pilot program started by UW-Madison Transportation Services, the Division of Student Life and the College Library.

The shuttle started Dec. 14 and will run every 30 minutes on the half hour from midnight to 6 a.m. through Dec. 21.

UW-Madison Dean of Students Lori Berquam said the idea is to get students home safely. Students can ride the shuttle rather than walking back to their dorms alone after spending the wee hours of the morning studying at the library.

“Our student numbers in the libraries increased quite a bit (during finals week), and (we) wanted to provide a safe transport home for those studying late into the night,” she said. “It’s a supplement between when the regular bus line stops and the regular bus line begins again.”

Freshman marketing major Katelyn Mayer said she thinks the shuttle is a good idea.

“You feel more safe and more comfortable knowing you have a ride back home. It’s safer than, like, having headphones in and walking home,” Mayer said. “I’m at the library late at night, I would (use it).”

Berquam said UW-Madison is analyzing ridership numbers to determine whether the late night shuttle could become a future finals-week fixture.

“We’re certainly capturing ridership, and we’ll analyze that,” Berquam said. “Our hope is that ridership will increase during this time, and we’ll be able to offer this service to our students, particularly during finals week.”

Berquam said besides looking at ridership numbers, the university is using the pilot program to determine whether the shuttle is cost effective.

For a full route map and timetable, visit the UW-Madison Transportation Services website.