New ordinance would allow dogs in public parks

A photo of a puppy

MADISON, Wis. — A proposed ordinance change would allow dogs in all city parks except ones city officials designate as dog-free spaces.

At the Madison Common Council meeting Tuesday night, city officials proposed a change to local ordinances to reorganize and recreate a unified ordinance relating to dogs on city property.

The ordinance change would automatically allow leashed dogs in all parks unless city officials specifically designate the park as a dog-free space. The ordinance currently in place prohibits dogs from all parks unless city officials specifically designate the space as a dog-friendly zone.

Following Tuesday night’s ordinance introduction, the proposal will be considered by the Board of Public Works on Wednesday. It will then go on to the Board of Park Commissioners on Feb. 12 for consideration. A final vote on whether or not to approve the ordinance will be held on Feb. 25 at the Madison Common Council meeting.