New MMSD data finds Black students disproportionately affected by police interactions

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MADISON, Wis. — New data from the Madison Metropolitan School District shows the district’s Black students made up a disproportionate number of citations and arrests when it came to interactions with Madison police officers in schools last year.

During the most recent school year, Madison police and resource officers had 84 interactions with students on MMSD’s four high school campuses. Those interactions resulted in 28 arrests, 17 citations and 39 other outcomes like school-based discipline or family meetings.

Of those 84 interactions, 51 involved Black students, 12 involved Latino students, 10 involved multiracial students, and nine involved white students.

A total of 59 of the 84 are considered low-income students. Just under half of the students who interacted with police also had a special education status.

The district’s report says the most common reasons for officer intervention included physical fights, weapons, serious threats of violence and mental health crises.

The school board and city voted to end the district’s contract with the Madison Police Department and remove resource officers from the district’s high schools last month.

The district says even though the SRO contract won’t continue, they will continue to closely monitor and report arrests and citations on school grounds on a quarterly and annual basis.

You can read the full report on the district’s website.