New MMSD behavior plan needs time to work

New MMSD behavior plan needs time to work

This week’s presentation to the Madison Board of Education on the implementation of the district’s new Behavior Education Plan only reinforced for us how important that plan is and how we must remain committed to making it work.

It’s a pretty big change for the district, and we’re sure it’s hard for some teachers and there are probably instances where it’s disruptive. We get it, and we empathize with those teachers. But we urge them to hang in there and take advantage of a clear and unambiguous commitment from district administrators to consider challenges as they arise and to work through those issues to make the policy successful.

Remember, this is about helping kids stay in the classroom while behavioral issues are dealt with. It’s about cultural responsiveness and promoting positive behavior. It’s about educating all of our kids.

We support this plan and we trust the district to do whatever it takes to make it work. By all means let’s give the district the time necessary to do just that.