New hair style trend to help end sex slavery

New hair style trend to help end sex slavery

An estimated 2.5 million people are forced into human trafficking at a given time, according to a report by the United Nations. Now this global issue is getting some support in southern Wisconsin.

On a Saturday at the salon in Platteville, the woman coming in for a cut, color, or blow out are now trying a new do’, blue extensions, the color for human trafficking awareness.

Hoping to bring that awareness to a new level in Wisconsin, college roommates Camille Guenther and Rachel Eckmann created Beautiful Blue 2016 and have joined forces with Cuttin’ Up salon for the cause.

“So you buy a $10 extension and $3 of the $10 extension is donated,” Guenther said.

So far they’ve raised nearly $100 that’ll go to Wipe Every Tear a charity that builds safe homes for trafficked women.

“Slavery is still a problem it’s just in a different form,” Guenther said.

“It’s something that we’d rather just not say and hope that it’s not an issue but it’s never going to get better if people don’t talk about it more,” Eckmann said on the topic of human trafficking.

For that reason they say spreading the message, right now, is more important than donations.

“I’ve had people ask me ‘Oh why do you have the blue in your hair?’ and that’s another way to start the conversation you can say ‘Oh it’s because of the human trafficking,’ and you can go from there on that,” Guenther said.

“It’s a good conversation starter, I was asked in class by my professors, a few of them have caught on and been like ‘Oh what did you with your hair?'” Eckmann said.

That word of mouth is proof to Eckmann and Guenthe that this Platteville trend is already catching on.

“This is still happening and we need to put an end to it,” Guenther said.

You only can get the extension at the Cuttin’ Up salon, but just because you don’t live near Platteville your support doesn’t has to end. You can use #beautifulblue2016to spread awareness and donate to Wipe Every Tear.