New Dream Designs

A new home build needs expert attention
Modern Kitchen
DREAMHOUSE DREAMKITCHENS Photo Courtesy of DreamHouse DreamKitchens

When starting with a new home build, you are starting fresh — all-new spaces need all-new designs. “The kitchen is the heart of your home, and it sets the tone for the design of the entire house,” says Kimberlin Payne, senior designer at Dream House Dream Kitchens.

Bringing a design focus to this space could be the crucial first touch in designing your new build’s interior spaces.

After meeting with clients to determine the look of the kitchen, the team at Dream House Dream Kitchens chooses cabinetry and flooring finishes to create the base layer of the design.

“Homeowners all have their own unique goals and styles, so we encourage them to look for functional and timeless design elements as their foundation,” says Payne. Once this is done, Dream House Dream Kitchens helps clients lean further into their personal style when it comes to elements like light fixtures, wallpaper, furniture and artwork.

Payne works with clients of Hart DeNoble Builders on new homes. “For us, that means providing preliminary cabinetry designs and pricing during the bidding process. Once a client is committed to the build, we meet at our showroom to discuss their plans, design style and overall goals,” she says.

Next, Dream House Dream Kitchens further develops the design with color renderings of the kitchen space, working with homeowners and/or their designers to make finish selections in the remaining areas over a course of follow-up meetings, says Payne.

“The cabinetry design is a huge part of the process because many other trades and selections are derived from it. We are happy that new-home-build clients make us one of their first stops. Design is money well spent,” says Payne.

A designer can help you think through some of the areas for which you want to request an upgrade before the project even starts.


FLOOR360 Photo courtesy of Ideation Builders

Emphasizing Design ‘Focal Points’

Structures can set the design tone for the whole home. In the never-ending quest to turn each house into a home, more families are creating focal points to highlight each building’s strengths. In Wisconsin, no installer is more experienced and accomplished at design focal point elements than FLOOR360. Based in Madison, the company provides and installs more floors in more new homes than any other provider in the state.

“We excel in creating design focal points that require a high level of craftmanship and expertise, like floor-to-ceiling fireplace tile surrounds,” says Jen Fickling, FLOOR360’s director of residential sales. “These oversized interior structures are rising in popularity because they make a strong impact and set the design tone for the whole home.”

Fickling says the FLOOR360 team emphasizes a “hassle-free” experience for customers, and detail-oriented processes for handling a new home construction project.

The company produces packets with detailed information for builders, homeowners, installers, project managers and delivery to ensure each installation is carried out according to the design plan and on time.

Each interior design project is assigned a FLOOR360 expert to shepherd it through the process.

“They serve as a point person that truly listens and provides customized selections to match the budget, style and function requirements of the space,” says Fickling. “The whole design team believes that designing your home should be fun and free of decision stress.”

FLOOR360 also offers a variety of natural materials engineered to last a generation or more, making the company a perfect choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

“When the design goal is to bring the outside elements inside — referred to as biophilic design — we recommend using hardwood floors, porcelain tile made from refined clay or carpeting made from fibers like wool, sisal or jute,” Ficking says.

And as the most prolific floor installer in Wisconsin, FLOOR360 has “preferred status” with many manufacturers.“That enables us to pass on substantial savings to homeowners and builders,” Fickling says.