New downtown Madison public art project creates outdoor art gallery

Downtown Doors showcases 27 local artists

In an effort to re-imagine hidden and secondary doors on State Street and in downtown, the Central Business Improvement District and the city of Madison launched a new public art project called Downtown Doors.

According to a release, the Downtown Doors project showcases 25 local artists at more than 25 locations across downtown Madison in an effort to spotlight the city’s art community.

Madison Art Commission’s BLINK temporary art program and the Room Tax Commission helped support the projects, along with downtown property owners, who sponsored doors to help pay for a portion of installation costs.

Similar to last year’s Bucky on Parade, there will be both digital and print guides to help the community find all locations throughout the city. Guides can be found at the Downtown Madison Visitor Center by Lisa Link Peace Park or at the Visitor Booth at the top of State Street. Online maps can also be found on its website.

All of the doors will remain up for approximately two years.