New dinner theater open in Wisconsin Dells

Business duo spends $2 million to renovate old theater
New dinner theater open in Wisconsin Dells
Palace Theater, Wisconsin Dells

One Wisconsin Dells theater has opened its doors after four years, now with an entire new look.

The Palace Theater, 564 Wisconsin Dells Parkway, is now open to the public after a brother business duo spent $2 million renovating the space.

One of the brothers, Anthony Tomaska, is hoping that the new features will keep the theater’s doors open for a long time.

“The stars lined up and everything came together and we were just so lucky to be here in this magnificent community,” said Tomaska.

The Tomaska brothers have been partners since they were 21. Coming from a long family history in the restaurant business, they wanted to combine their love for dining with their passion for theater.

“We know the food side. To add that to the theater side, which is really what my brother Joe and I have been doing for the past 25 years, and putting them together and being able to have a dinner and a show in the same room is very unique,” said Tomaska.

Many new features were added to the building, including a new digital lighting and sound system, as well as an expansion to the lobby bar.

“If an audience could come in and get a drink, get a glass of wine before the show and be comfortable, it all adds to the experience,” said Tomaska.

With diners and playgoers filling the seats, so far, a certain Disney classic has been a successful opening show.

“Mary Poppins, we felt, would be a great holiday show because of the themes. It’s a big production and there’s magic in the show. It’s the Disney magic where Mary actually flies,” said Tomaska.

The Broadway Production of Mary Poppins will be performing eight shows every week until Jan. 3, 2015.

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