New Arts Fundraising Website is a Citizen’s Power Tool For Giving

New Arts Fundraising Website is a Citizen’s Power Tool For Giving

Hear classical music for the first time through Madison Symphony Orchestra’s HeartStrings program. Explore new worlds through e-reader devices for the visually impaired with Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired. Picture more local artists featured at Overture Center for the Arts.

Now imagine being a part of making all these visions a reality. With Power2Give, Dane Arts’ new digital giving platform, you have the power to make all of them happen. Thanks to the DaneArts Commission and chairman Scott Foss, Madison citizens have a new tool in building and sustaining the arts and culture community. The core philosophy behind the website funding tool is that you don’t have to donate thousands of dollars in order to have an impact. In this case, the old adage is true: every little bit counts.

Created and launched in Charlotte, North Carolina, by the community’s Arts & Science Council, Power2Give is now in six other cities in the nation so far with ambitious plans for expansion. And like the uber-popular giving site Kickstarter, Power2Give allows organizations to present projects to the public in a reachable and tangible manner. According to Dane Arts, the strength of the program lies in its ease of use, high accessibility and community focus. Power2Give allows individuals to donate to cultural programs that spark their passion and interest, and shows that anyone can make a difference no matter the amount they give.

 “For many of us in the community, purchasing a ticket has been the only ‘modest’ means of support that we could afford,” he says, adding that Dane Arts wants to continue to diversify the funding sources for nonprofits and Power2Give will provide an opportunity to reach out to the community in a way it previously had not.

Foss knows firsthand the variety and need of Madison’s art scene. He’s served on the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission (DCCAC) for more than ten years, reviewing and funding a variety of programs. His work with Dane Arts, a sub-group of the DCCAC, supports artists and art projects through its signature grant project. Professionally, Foss’ career has been steeped in the arts as director of the Wisconsin Singers to directing more than thirty musicals for the Children’s Theater of Madison, the Madison Rep, Four Seasons Theatre, and the UW–Madison theater department. Currently, Foss serves as director of music at First United Methodist Church as well as the director of classical choral music for the Hal Leonard Corporation.

Power2Give will not replace the generous giving already in place in Madison, but will be an addition to Dane Arts signature grant program, says Foss, who hopes that more individuals might now choose to give, and everyone in the community can feel they’re making a difference. “Now anyone and everyone will be able to support a project with whatever they can afford.”

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