Never too old to compete: How a 62-year-old man prepared for his first ever CrossFit Games

Never Too Old To Compete: How A 62 Year Old Man Prepared For His First Ever Crossfit Games

MADISON, Wis. — More than 600 elite athletes from around the world are in Madison battling for both the $2.5 million in prize money and the bragging rights as the fittest person in the world.

You probably have a stereotype in your head of who the typical CrossFit athlete it, but the thing is, there’s no such thing as a typical CrossFit athlete. They come in all ages, shapes and sizes.

Case in point: Konrad Kaufman from Zurich, Switzerland. This year’s games is his first CrossFit competition. He’s 62 years old.

Kaufman didn’t discover CrossFit until later in life, and he found it quite by accident.

“Like when I was young, I played a lot of ice hockey until 30, and then I liked tennis a lot. And then I had, with 52 I had two hip implants,” Kaufman said. “And ever since all the sport that I did before, I couldn’t do that well since, because of, just the movement is different. And then I found CrossFit and it’s like a new challenge, you know, it’s everything; you can get better any day you work on it. You see your your weight’s going up. Your time is going down that you need for certain workouts. So it’s just fantastic and it’s very motivating.”

It’s a motivation that’s very obvious as Kaufman competes in the rope climb and barbell deadlifts. Each competitor has to complete five rounds in under six minutes. He ultimately placed 16th in the men’s 60-64 division. He also placed second in the rope climb, the skier and the sandbag carry event.