‘Never in a million years’: Middleton High School students describe tense moments during lockdown

MIDDLETON, Wis. — Scary and tense.

That’s how Middleton High School students described the moment their school went into lockdown Monday afternoon as school officials and police searched for a 16-year-old student they believed had a gun.

“I was pretty scared. Never in a million years would I think this could happen,” MHS student Ayden Thice said.

School officials said the high school was placed into lockdown after a staff member reported to a resource officer they were concerned a student was carrying a gun in their backpack.

Students said they were told to take cover.

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“We didn’t get an explanation, we just all went under our desks and kind of just sat there waiting. Like my friends were texting me, using police scanners,” student Callum Charnholm said.

After a 45 minute search, police said they found and arrested the teen without incident; he did not have a gun on him at that time.

Students relied on information from friends and social media to keep up with what was happening. One video shared with News 3 Now by a student showed police putting the teen in the back of a squad car.

“There was like a lot of videos on Snapchat of (people) posting the guy, saying (police) got him,” Charnholm said.

Despite students being cleared to return to class for the remainder of the day, some instead went home.

“They said we could or should go back to third block, but my parents told me I should go find a ride (home),” Charnholm said.

In a video statement, Superintendent Dr. Dana Monogue explained why a lockdown was put in place.

“A situation with a student resulted in staff at the high school having reasonable suspicion there may have been an alleged weapon on campus. The school was placed on lockdown until the building was secured,” she said.

The district has not responded to News 3 Now’s requests for an interview about its response, and a previously-announced news conference was canceled before being held.

Ultimately, the students said they’re just glad everyone is okay, a sentiment expressed by district leaders as well.