Nelson Institute online conference to honor the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day teach-in

Nelson Institute earth day logo

Celebrate the past fifty years of environmental stewardship while planning for the future at the free, online Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference on Monday, April 20, 2020. Join leading climate scientists and community leaders for an inspirational day of collaborative learning and exploration that will highlight the confluence between the traditional conservation and restoration of the planet and new, ecological innovations taking place.

Hosted by the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, which is named after Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, this conference titled, Earth Day@50: Aspiring for Sustainability, Striving for Justice, Crafting the Planet will feature a range of speakers who will discuss how we can leverage the best aspects of the past environmental movements while incorporating an increased sense of social justice.

The conference will also pay homage to the very first Earth Day, by serving as an online teach-in. Celebrated by more than 20 million Americans during its first year, Earth Day began as a grassroots effort led by former Wisconsin Governor and United States Senator, Gaylord Nelson, who hoped that the day would encourage individuals to explore ecological challenges in their communities and develop actionable responses. The idea was well-received and led to the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, which has grown into a global movement. This year’s 50th anniversary online conference will honor the original teach-in by offering a series of lectures and discussions on a variety of environmental subjects.

Join us for this exciting anniversary celebration as we work together to craft a future filled with hope, positivity, and intentionality.

For the complete conference program, visit the website in early April.