Neighbors speak out against proposed concrete plant

A proposed concrete plant in the Town of Burke on the outskirts of Madison’s east side has neighbors speaking out.

The Zignego Ready Mix plant would be located at 5365 Felland Road near Nelson Road, which is kitty-corner to a 64-unit condominium association.

Condo association board member Bob Ness said he sees a lot of potential growth in his neighborhood, but he’d prefer not to see it in the form of a concrete plant.

“Having an eyesore and a noisy, dirty industrial plant kitty-corner to our residential property seems like a totally bad use of land,” he said.

Ness and neighbors already see plenty of traffic from dump trucks from a landfill and asphalt plant down the street.

They’re very fearful because they know the kind of traffic and noise we already have here,” he said. “Directly across the street is going to impact our quality of life.”

He said the plant doesn’t mix with the area’s future, but according to Town of Burke administrator, clerk and treasurer Brenda Ayers, the site is zoned correctly to allow a conditional use permit for the industrial plant.Neighbors speak out against proposed concrete plant

“It’s a rural setting where a lot of these types of uses you’ll see in rural living,” she said, adding that a Wisconsin act from last year changes how the town can respond.

“It’s no longer a matter of neighbors pulling together saying, ‘Hey, we really don’t want this,’ and officials saying, ‘Hey, we have to listen,'” she said. “With Act 67, we have to have substantial evidence to deny a conditional use permit.”

Regardless, Ness said area residents will put up a fight to steer their neighborhood in a different direction.

“If they put an industrial plant there, it’s a possibility this could go all industrial, which could further deteriorate the area here,” he said. “It’s just inappropriate.”

The Town of Burke held a hearing Wednesday night at the municipal building for the public to offer input. Those who couldn’t make it can mail in opinions.

The town can vote to approve the conditional use permit at the hearing. Dane County would then take up the proposal.