Neighbors recall domestic argument before officer-involved shooting

DCI investigating fatal shooting
Neighbors recall domestic argument before officer-involved shooting

Neighbors recount what they heard leading up to a deadly officer-involved shooting on Monday night in Pardeeville.

The Department of Criminal Investigations said a man was killed in the shooting.

Larry Hastings was in his backyard just moments before, when he heard his neighbors arguing on their porch.

“She wouldn’t hang up the phone,” Hastings said, recalling the husband and wife’s fight. “And it kept escalating, where he kept saying, ‘Hang up the phone.’

“He had brought a weapon out, a .357 Magnum, and he mentioned what a Magnum could do if she didn’t hang up the phone.”

Hastings’ wife called 911, and police arrived within minutes.

DCI said the man was shot by a Columbia County sheriff’s deputy.

“I heard one shot, and then I heard a series of five or six shots,” Hastings said. “I don’t know what he did to provoke the police to shoot him, but I heard her scream.”

Hastings urged his other neighbors to get inside, and he himself returned back into his house. He says he had a friendly relationship with that neighbor and will miss him.

“You wonder if you could do something or say something that would’ve corrected it or helped it,” he said. “I lost a good friend.”